Connection ERP / [erp]

Connection ERP


Communication interface to all ERP systems

The ERP system is sometimes the most important control center of a company, for planning and organizing all administrative, dispositive and controlling activities of the company. The resources are, for example, means of production, capital and employees.

The variety of suppliers for ERP systems on the market is very high. However, due to the flexibility of the Computer Aided Works software, we can establish a communication interface with all ERP systems.
This can be realized via simple CSV importers/exporters as well as via various web service providers. The appropriate type of connection and the information to be exchanged are adapted to customer requirements.

In this way, all
desired by the customer
Data among the systems
be exchanged

ERP System Grafik 3

1. ERP-System – > 2. Computergestützte Arbeiten

1. Computer Aided Works – > 2. ERP-System

  • Orders Order number
    • Quantity
    • Article
    • Serial number
  • Parts list
    • Material number
    • Designation
    • Unit
    • Quantity
  • Material removal
    • Material
    • Work step
    • Employees
    • Date, time
  • Progress
    • Serial number
    • Type of progress
    • Date, time
    • Employees
  • Process data
    • All data collected from tools
    • AOI/AOD images
    • Measurement results
    • Serial numbers/batch
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