Measuring and testing systems

Measurement and test systems simply implemented.

Rapidly advancing progress and increasingly complex inspection tasks pose challenges, especially in manual production, that can hardly be mastered without additional visual assistance. Our solution, which makes measuring and inspection easier, safer and faster: digital quality inspection with Computer Aided Works. Inspection specifications are visually displayed at the workplace, measurement and inspection processes are automated.

Test specifications visually displayed at the workplace.

You have test systems with highest competence in production, nevertheless the desired quality assurance is not achieved? Wrong test cables are used or the measuring devices are operated incorrectly? You struggle with touch uncertainty and connection diagrams in paper form? The solution is a visual assistant that provides the test specifications digitally on the monitor. Testing errors, an incorrect test sequence or the use of the wrong measuring devices is thus eliminated. All measuring devices and test systems with a digital interface can be connected to the test system. All measuring devices and test systems with a digital interface can be connected to the test system. The simple implementation in Computer Aided Works enables all types of tests and measurements on the work piece.

Quality assurance through automatic assistance.

This also enables automatic parameterization of the testing machines and test adapters. This means that articles are learned by the system, quickly recognized and immediately inspected. The inspection is thus integrated into the process safeguarding. If assemblies are not inspected, a lockout occurs and the worker can react accordingly.
All recorded measurement data is stored in the database and can be accessed manually or via [webviewer] by the user at any time. Die Hard ware connection works via RS232, IEEE and Ethernet. Measurement results are also automatically assigned to the associated assemblies and stored in the database. Falls desired, measurement results can also be entered manually, but only then. Number errors are thus ruled out with digital quality inspection.
Die advantages for you and your employees are obvious: Our semi-automated optical measurement and inspection system monitors and optimizes the manufacturing process seamlessly, saves valuable time, costs and resources and provides the necessary information to be able to intervene at an early stage in the event of a problem.


  • Visualization of the test specifications & test procedure at the workplace ✔️
  •  Connection of all measuring devices with digital interface ✔️
  • Automatic assignment and storage of the measurement results with the associated assembly on the database ✔️

Application examples:

Only required devices are under power
At test stations, several test cables must be ready for routine testing. This means that an employee reaching for the wrong cable and thus the wrong measuring device cannot be ruled out. But if the testing machines are parameterized automatically, this weak point is covered by a digital quality check, which does not inhibit the worker in his workflow, but rather lets him work faster and safer.

Incorrect test sequence and test length lead to rejects Measuring and test stations, as they have been known up to now in manual assembly, cannot draw the employee’s attention to errors. Die quality of the products suffers because incorrect test sequences or test lengths can lead to the finished product being unusable. Die solution are acoustic and optical signals, with which the worker is pointed out to errors. Der quality check runs digitally in the background and is always one step ahead of the worker.

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