Process Management

Process assurance, from development to assembly workstation. core/heading

What good is the best process management if, in the end, not everyone adheres to it? Be it because work processes are not defined in a way that everyone can understand, work instructions prove to be outdated or simply cannot be adapted to the new customer order. With the worker guidance system from Computer Aided Works, you can easily configure processes yourself. This allows you to define, manage and control all processes exactly according to your needs and make them available to your employees digitally. This saves resources, ensures quality and maximizes profits.

With no-code platform for individual, digital workplace design.

How can an optimal workflow be achieved? What information does the assembly specialist need to achieve the best possible result? What can be improved? Where are sources of error hidden? As an entrepreneur, you ask yourself these questions all the time. Computer Aided Works’ Worker Guidance System allows you to create digital work instructions that are customized for your business.
Not only the process and the assembly sequence, but also the quality assurance and acceptance procedures. Release processes can be precisely defined and implemented with the process management system. This makes traceability a matter of course. Even tasks, for example, can be assigned to employees based on their skills. The overtaxing of individuals is thus avoided.
Employee management can also be easily implemented in the process management tool. This means that every necessary instruction, with visual support and connection to a wide range of peripherals, lands in the correct national language at the corresponding assembly workstation.

Data is automatically made available where it is needed.

Computer Aided Works provides your employees with all the necessary data automatically and across all locations. This ensures that your processes are optimally secured. And what is particularly important: All quality and process-relevant data can be easily and quickly stored and retrieved with just one software tool. Whether in development, quality management or production management, all departments store their inspection plans, checklists, employee qualifications and work instructions here. So you profit with our
Software from an all-in-one solution that gives you a sustainable increase in efficiency and quality assurance.
Another advantage that results from this: The uniform design of the data sheets. This facilitates the application and communication between the process-relevant departments. A tethered camera quickly and easily deposits photos for everyone to access.
See for yourself and benefit from a functioning process management system with the Autosynchronous Worker Guidance System® from Computer Aided Works, which enables you to work efficiently and safely.


  • Reduction of documentation effort by up to 50% and more ✔️
  • Personnel management of assembly workers according to qualification ✔️
  • Definition of the test specifications incl. Quality assurance process and release ✔️
  • Central locking and unlocking of workstations ✔️
  • Traceability of all process steps ✔️

Application examples:

Who doesn’t know it, outdated work instructions, laboriously written at the workplace via Word?
With the Computer Aided Works system, you not only ensure that the latest version of the work instruction is always available in the assembly department. Clear approval processes between all parties involved can also be integrated to ensure an efficient and secure workflow.

Variety of variants
Increasing customer requirements and the resulting increase in the number of variants complicate the work instruction creation and assembly process. How are thousands of different variants for a core product to be covered in assembly and how is correct assembly to be ensured?
With our module [branch] these problems are a thing of the past. The module does not create complete work instructions, but only partial work steps. The worker guidance builds in the necessary work instruction live at the assembly place, on the basis of the order and leads the assembly specialist through the assembly process just needed.

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