Traceability – even after assembly

What is the purpose of the highest-quality product if it does not arrive at the customer’s premises in perfect condition? Reliable and accurately documented shipping processing can therefore be crucial for a company’s reputation.

Outgoing goods – fully checked, seamlessly documented.

We are sure you have great and reliable employees. But even the most well-organized manual outgoing goods and final inspection is not only time-consuming and error-prone, but also cost-intensive. Forgotten accessories, incorrectly labeled packages or inadequate packaging then cost time, nerves, money and, in the worst case, the good reputation of the shipper. With Computer Aided Works, a reliably controlled and well-documented shipping process is no longer a pipe dream. Our Automatic Optical Inspection relieves and supports your team members at every step of the work process and is a great help especially for more complex processes. Gluing points for labels, for example, are produced by [projector] visualized and are thus easier and more accurate for the assembly force to [etikettieren]. But what is particularly important, Computer Aided Works documents the outgoing goods and thus also guarantees seamless tracking.

Automatic Optical Inspection – Your visual proof of proper shipping.

Of course, the customer’s accusations about a possibly defective delivery must be taken seriously. However, it is better if you can prove that everything was properly packed during shipping and that the fault may lie with the carrier or another agency. This is only possible if every step is documented. Here our module [aod],, the automatic optical documentation, proves to be a practical helper: Just before and after the package is closed, a photo is taken and saved in each case. This way you have a visual proof about the perfect packaging, the completeness as well as about the correct labeling. The traceability during the shipping process is thus complete and guarantees you absolute security. Thanks to the documentation in shipping, you are able to prove in case of doubt what the contents of the package were when it left your production facility. You can also store and retrieve the carrier’s acceptance signature as well as all other process data for the respective order. Computer Aided Works not only reduces the workload of your employees. Effective and reliably documented shipping processing also demonstrably increases customer satisfaction and thus boosts your company’s profitability.


  • Visualisierung der Klebestellen für Etiketten per [projector] ✔️
  • Create & save a photo of the condition of the goods before shipment ✔️
  • Traceability of all process steps ✔️
  • Sicherstellung, dass Bestellungen vollumfänglich und unbeschädigt Ihr Haus verlassen ✔️

Examples of use:

Content forgotten Missing parts in deliveries, who does not know this? The goods are made ready for shipment and individual parts are forgotten for delivery. What follows is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process which, in the worst case, can damage a company’s reputation. With the system of Computer Aided Works you can not only ensure the shipping process, you also have the possibility to prove the correct shipment and content.

Deficient packaging. Nerve-wracking are discussions with forwarders and customers in case of transport damages, often the order has to be reshipped free of charge at the customer’s expense. The [aod] module offers you the right solution for this challenge. It can be used to prove proper packaging to all parties.

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