With Computer Aided Works to zero-defect assembly.

Manual assembly is still indispensable in many plants.
But that doesn’t mean leaving team members alone with their increasingly fast-paced and complicated tasks.
Our comprehensive worker management system supports and relieves your employees, ensures
quality in production and ensures a smooth assembly process.

Our plant management system: Higher quality, with less effort.

Ob alter Hase or the newly hired employee, a grip in the wrong compartment, a misunderstanding in understanding the assembly instructions, a lack of concentration during installation or a carelessness in choosing the right screwdriver can happen to anyone. Erst especially, if also still time pressure is in the play. Mit Computer Aided Works such things are a thing of the past. Denn das System leitet Ihre Employees Step-by-Step durch jeden Montagevorgang und corrects Errors Immediately.
Digitalized work instructions are displayed directly at the workstation via a monitor. Mit With the help of images, texts or short videos, the worker thus knows exactly what to do next. Complex processes can thus be communicated easily. Für die Employees bedeutet das weniger Stress. In addition, the visualized instructions make it much easier for team members to become familiar with new assembly tasks and learn new assembly processes more quickly, even without prior knowledge.

Continuous process and quality control in manual assembly.

Computer Aided Works not only makes assembly easier and faster for your employees. The connection of numerous different peripheral devices to the system also guarantees error-free assembly. Be it e.g. through [pick2light], that is, light pointers that illuminate containers for the respective following assembly step, Kameras, that help with situation control or that EC-Schrauber, der screwdriving parameters are automatically detected and incorrect torques are thus prevented. The central component here is the patented forwarding of the work instruction by a tool or by the connected periphery. This means that the team member cannot continue with the assembly until he or she has correctly executed the previous work step. The system immediately detects if the wrong tool is used or if a component is defective. As a quasi thinking assistant, the system reacts by locking the assembly process before errors can occur. An incorrectly assembled part can then be sorted out or reworked. Erst danach schaltet das Autosynchrone Werkerführung® automatisch zum nächsten Schritt weiter. Und selbstverständlich dokumentiert unser System bei Bedarf auch alle Montageschritte und sorgt damit für eine lückenlose Rückverfolgung.
Kurzum: Computer Aided Works führt Ihre Mitarbeiter prozesssicher durch jeden Montagevorgang. This creates trust and satisfaction on all sides. After all, we all know that relaxed and satisfied employees are the key competitive factor for any company, along with products of impeccable quality.


  • Visualization of digital work instructions & the assembly sequence at the workplace ✔️
  • Unterstützt von z.B. [pick2light], [screw], [bit2light] & [projector] wird der Werker durch den Fertigungsprozess geführt ✔️
  • Autosynchronous advance to the next work instruction within the assembly script ✔️
  • Digital provision of laws, standards, training documents, data sheets that are required to be posted ✔️

Examples of application:

Removing and installing the wrong material. Errors that frequently occur in manual assembly, such as the removal and installation of incorrect material, unfortunately happen all too often. Ein Griff zur falschen Schraube und das fertige Produkt wird zur Ausschussware.
Mit dem Entnahmefach-Beleuchtungsmodul, kurz Pick to light, kann dieses Worst Case Szenario nicht mehr passieren. Die Lösung liegt auf der Hand. Das Pick by Light System von Computer Aided Works beleuchtet die richtige Entnahmebox. Bei einer Fehlentnahme wird der nächste Arbeitsschritt verriegelt, Fehler werden vom System nicht toleriert.

Damaged components in the assembly process. One careless moment and a component is damaged, for example because the wrong torque was used. Help can be provided here by Computer Aided Works in production, with our system we ensure that quality is assured in production (0-fault tolerance). Ein Modul, das zur perfekten Lösung führt und den Workflow nicht unterbricht, ist das EC-Screwsteuerungsmodul, short [screw]. Der connected screwdriver is automatically parameterized with the module [screw] for the currently necessary screwdriving case. Controlling quality during production – that’s what the screwdriving control from Computer Aided Works can do.

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