Order picking

Just in time from the storage location to the workplace

Order is half the battle, as the saying goes. This is especially true for a company’s logistics. About half of all warehousing costs are usually related to picking. It is therefore all the more crucial to avoid additional costs due to picking errors.

Pick faster and easier.

But there are many sources of error: Items are not found or forgotten, whether due to carelessness, time pressure or simply because the picking process is too complicated. Thus, gripping and allocation errors due to lack of attention are part of everyday life in many companies. This does not have to be. With Computer Aided Works, you relieve your employees by providing clear operating instructions and automated process steps. This makes picking easier, faster and, above all, safer – even for new employees.
The decisive advantage: Our plant management system for picking controls and monitors the picking process automatically, both in the warehouse and at the workstation. With visual assistance and connected hardware, the goods, with all the necessary data, are in the right place at the right time. Prozess und Qualität sind sProcess and quality are thus secured.omit gesichert.

In the right place at the right time – through visual assistance.

A wide variety of tools are used throughout the picking process. In the warehouse, our software draws attention to deadlines and provides the order-related data. The overall order process can be monitored, for example, with the tool [webviewer] controlled at any time and retrieved with deadlines, orders and target/actual values. This gives you all the important process data at a glance and allows you to adjust the assembly process if necessary.
As a decisive helper during order picking, our patented [pick2light System] the workers, which shows exactly in which storage compartment the material is located and in what quantity it is needed. The light signal enables the warehouse employee to find the corresponding goods more quickly and identify them more easily. Gripping or assignment errors are thus virtually eliminated. With the connected module [scan] and the barcode reference on the tablet, the consignment goods are automatically matched with the order data from the ERP system. The process- and quality-securely picked goods are thus at the workplace on time.
Even the loading of the workstation runs absolutely safe with our assistance system. No long search, no wrong grip – with [pick2light], [scan] and visual guidance, every employee can cope well – even with changing equipment.
In short: Our automatic worker guidance makes picking simple and yet process-safe. It facilitates the everyday work of your employees and minimizes stress-related sources of error. This has been proven to take the pressure off workers and usually makes them more motivated. In this way, Computer Aided Works not only saves you time and money, but also promotes the working atmosphere.


  • Display the source storage compartment & quantity with a [pick2light System]✔️
  • Display of the target storage compartment with a [pick2light System] ✔️
  • No assembly stop due to missing materials & components ✔️
  • Flexible as well as efficient workplace design and retrofitting ✔️

Application examples:

Flexible as well as efficient workplace design and retrofitting
New warehouse employees often need a long training period to locate the necessary materials in the warehouse. Even with more experienced employees, picking without pick2light takes about 25% more time. Furthermore, items are often forgotten during picking, which causes further loss of efficiency in the process.
With Computer Aided Works worker guidance, these points are a thing of the past, items are found efficiently in the warehouse and the overall process is secured as well as accelerated.

Picking at the workplace
Anyone who is in assembly knows it, the workplace is retooled and materials have to be searched for again at great expense during assembly. We have the solution. Our software makes it possible to convert workstations in just a few minutes, and thanks to display via pick2light, there is no need for a long search for items.

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