Incoming goods inspection

Quality assurance is the most important step in the value chain and leads to the perfect material flow!

Trust is good. Incoming goods inspection is better, because it provides process assurance. Incoming goods should be inspected before they are accepted. Otherwise, considerable economic damage may result. Immediate and comprehensive incoming goods inspection is therefore indispensable, especially for manufacturing companies.

Step by step through the quality inspection.

Our plant management supports and relieves your employees. But where people work, mistakes happen. This is exactly where Computer Aided Works’ worker management system comes in. It guides you step by step through the incoming goods inspection and at the same time checks that no errors occur. In the process, workers are guided through the entire process automatically and with visual support. For example, articles are identified visually by camera and checked for freedom from defects. The employee receives the appropriate information and can react accordingly. This not only makes work easier, it also makes it more efficient and safer.
Purchase order, delivery bill, technical drawings or photos, any specification to be processed can be entered into the worker management. Test specifications and technical drawings can then be displayed and edited directly at the workstation.

Instructing, testing and documenting in one work step.

Is it the right delivery? Is the number, quantity, shape and size of the delivered items correct? Are there any defects or damages? Was the delivery date met? With Computer Aided Works’ Worker Management System, you can document all these parameters during the goods receipt process and automatically store them in your database. And tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you can evaluate this data for your supplier evaluation, in accordance with ISO 9001.
Best of all, our plant management evaluates and controls the inspection process without further manual intervention. Verification processes and data backup run in the background on your servers. In the end, only those items are booked in that have been automatically identified, counted, measured and checked beforehand using the recognition software from Computer Aided Works. Manual intervention by employees in the inspection process is therefore no longer necessary. Your employees are relieved of the pressure, thus the error rate is reduced enormously and you can enjoy the correct and defect-free goods. Quality assurance is guaranteed.
In this way, Computer Aided Works not only saves you trouble due to defects detected in good time, but above all time and money.


  • 100% control over incoming goods, special incoming inspection or random inspection according to ISO2859 ✔️
  • Identify, measure and control the raw material before posting ✔️
  • Display of order form, delivery bill and technical drawings directly at the workstation, with automatic comparison of target and actual data ✔️

Application examples:

Incoming goods inspection
During manual incoming goods inspection, it can quickly happen that incorrect values are documented or even critical components are not inspected correctly. With worker guidance, the employee is guided step by step through the inspection process. Corresponding test plans and checklists are displayed in the respective work step and can be edited directly.

Damaged goods are delivered, we all know that. With the extension module [aod] you can take a photo of the damage directly at the workplace and automatically send it to the supplier by e-mail.

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