Bit holder

Bit holder

Bistselector B2L bgremove1

8 x bit holder insert for bit sleeves
CAN bus connection for communication with the factory management processor

Visual and acoustic signals

Another process aid for supported & guided assembly is provided by the module [bit2light]. LEDs indicate to the worker which bits are required for the current screw connection. If the wrong bit is removed, the tethered screwdriving tool locks automatically. Accidental damage to screw heads is no longer possible with this module.

In addition, the specialist is alerted to the problem via an acoustic signal. As soon as it is fixed and the correct bit is removed, the tethered screwdriver unlocks automatically.

Both the bit holder and the bit sleeves are produced in-house. We can offer you the standard version as well as the ESD version. Bith sleeves are milled to fit precisely based on your specifications.

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