Visualization at the workplace /  [operator]

Visualization at the workplace


The main advantages of the module [operator] summarized:

  • Visualization of work instructions at assembly and test stations in the form of photos and instruction texts
  • Start of instructions via barcode or manual selection
  • Display of the process results
  • Recording of production releases by authorized personnel
  • Acquisition of production data by manual input, scanning or other peripheral devices – Display of the required material per work step
  • Optional recording of actual times per work step
  • Alarm management via e-mail (via SMTP)
  • Recording of the worker ID, device serialization and assembly assignment via a barcode
modul operator

Screwing examples:

The module [operator] can be supplemented by any other module.

With the integration of the [escalation] module, for example, an escalation mode is added to [operator]. This indicates when the assembly is affected.
– acute / non-acute
– Material missing / defective selection
– Follow-up actions such as e-mail, print, grind out, and park job are performed in the [admin] configured.
Another interesting extension module is [scan]. It enables the integration of a scanner, with the help of which, among other things, ID scan device/assembly, subassembly ID scan, measured value input, data code input, article verification, barcode verification and serial number verification can be scanned. The team member can also log on to the workstation via scanner. The module [print] extends the [operator] with the possibility of connecting label printers. The label printer can be connected via USB/Ethernet and enables the following functions, among others:
– Label at start / end of step
– Print label at OK / not Ok measured value
– 7 labels can be created by the user of the

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