Digital work instructions for assembly

With the help of images, texts or short videos, the worker knows exactly what to do next. The digitized work instructions are displayed on a monitor directly at the workstation. Even complex processes can be communicated in such a simple way. For employees, this means less stress. In addition, the visualized instructions make it much easier for you to become familiar with new assembly tasks and learn new assembly processes more quickly, even without prior knowledge.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Visualization of digital work instructions & the assembly sequence at the workstation ✔️
  • Supported by e.g. [pick2light] , [screw] , [bit2light] & [projector] the worker is guided through the manufacturing process ✔️
  • Autosynchronous forwarding to the next work instruction within the assembly script ✔️
  • Digital provision of laws requiring posting, standards, training documents, data sheets ✔️
werkerfuehrung manuelle montage
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