Autosynchronous Worker Guidance®

The patented forwarding of the work instruction by a tool or the connected periphery replaces the manual feedback of the worker and automatically synchronizes the work sequence.

The Computer Aided Works worker guidance system assists the worker by parameterizing the tools and test equipment and locks the assembly process before errors can occur.
The specialist can only continue with the assembly if he has correctly performed the previous work step. The system immediately detects the wrong tool or a defective component. As a thinking assistant, the system reacts by automatically locking the assembly process. An incorrectly assembled or inspected workpiece can thus be sorted out or even reworked. Only then does the system switch to the next step. Of course, if required, the system documents all steps and thus ensures complete traceability.

European patents:

Patent: EP 2578353
Patent: EP 2578363
Patent: EP 2052807
Patent: EP:2716578

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