Pick to Light

Pick to Light, Put to Light, Pick-by-Light or P2L – stands for picking articles according to light signals, or picking according to light signals, depending on the area of application. With this paperless system, the required items and quantities are visualized via a light display located directly on the withdrawal tray.
In a pick-to-light system, displays visually guide the operator to the bins that, in manual assembly, contain the items to be assembled. For picking, the illuminated displays lead to the bins into which the items of the respective order must be placed (put).

This system ensures a fast, intuitive, scalable and error-free process.
In addition, costs are avoided due to possible error corrections, inventory is updated due to direct communication, the number of orders processed per day is increased and thus operating costs are reduced. The employees can also be deployed very flexibly due to the short training period.

pick to light 2 computer aided works
Illuminated material boxes

More information on the use of a Pick-2-Light system

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