Variety of variants /[branch]

Variety of variants


Integrate work instructions with device identification code

In the module [admin] created work instructions are loaded in the [branch] module. Then, in the [branch] module, the conditions are defined when which work instruction will be included in the individual overall work instruction. This is implemented using a device configuration code or a material parts list. This allows the system to create different types or interpretations of work instructions itself, and to allow for some variation without having to create a separate instruction for each product. Bills of materials or instructions from a background system can also be integrated here. Especially in assembly and process management, the software module [branch] is a great support for the employees, because it eliminates potential sources of error in advance. Not to mention the extra time investment.
In addition, it is easy to define at which workstation the respective partial instruction is to be produced. Worker management can be connected to the customer’s ERP system. When an order from the ERP system is transmitted to the Computer Aided Works system (can be automated), live worker guidance assembles the correct work instruction for the job at hand. This works on the basis of previously defined parameters (e.g. parts list in the order). Light pointers and tools are even parameterized in the process. This ensures smooth operation and current availability.

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