Administration software, [admin]

The administration software [admin] is the program from Computer Aided Works for creating and maintaining work, operating, training or test instructions. By connecting a digital camera, it has been proven that time savings of up to 50%, compared to conventional word processing programs, can be achieved. The switching conditions for connected sensors are also configured via the module.

Manufacturing with many variants in particular benefits from a worker guidance system. It helps employees to familiarize themselves with the respective assembly activity and to work.

Thanks to the modular structure of the worker assistance system, both individual workstation solutions and production lines can be designed.

Included functions are:

  • Connection of a system camera via USB for fast direct access to photos, connection of commercially available compact cameras (removable storage media via USB)
  • Inserting screenshots
  • Loading images from a directory
  • Integrated image editor, for efficient post-processing of photos
  • Version management of work instructions with history
  • Creating the instructions in a clear tree structure
  • Integrated text wizard for standardized expressions
  • User recognition for the creation and release of work instructions for variants
  • Create and manage articles
  • Create templates for standardized work steps
  • Allocation of target times
  • Configurable direct printout of work instructions on paper or output as PDF
  • Manual parts list import in CSV file format
  • Material assignment from the parts list to the respective work step

You can find more information about our worker tour here.

Administration software,  [admin]
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