Worker guidance V2

Worker guidance V2

wfp cc sw

7 x USB (3 of them galvanically isolated)
1 x RS232 interface
6 x separate CAN bus lines with 24V supply
12 x digital I/O ports with 24V PLC level (8 outputs / 4 inputs)
5 x Ethernet
2 x Displayport
1 x expansion slot for e.g. Profinet or a second RS232 port

The heart of the system

The second version of the worker guide box is the successor of the V1 box. It also serves as a central interface and computing unit in which all necessary processes at the workplace are managed and brought together.

The box offers various interfaces so that diverse devices and other applications can also be connected here. The tool guide box also serves as a central interface for e.g. light pointers, ToolCubes or bit holders.

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