Manual assembly

With the word manual, from the Latin manus: hand, manual assembly refers to assembly processes that are carried out by humans. Here, more than in almost any other manufacturing process, the focus is on people. Through the use of his hands, dexterity, senses, and intelligence, he performs assembly operations with the use of auxiliary equipment such as tools, jigs, and gauges.
But how can high quality and high efficiency be achieved when a product is assembled manually. This is a question that many production managers and assembly planners deal with. On the one hand, quality must always remain at the same excellent level, regardless of changing personnel, while at the same time costs must be kept as low as possible.
To achieve this goal, more and more companies are opting for assistance systems that support team members in their manual activities.
The worker guidance system assists the worker through the parameterization of the tools and test equipment and locks the assembly process before errors can occur.

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