Production planning system, PPS

The production planning system, PPS for short, helps companies to plan, operationally control and monitor the entire production. The PPS supports those responsible by providing objective results in the areas of production, purchasing and sales.
The main tasks of the PPS consist of five sub-areas:
Production program planning, material requirements planning, time and capacity planning, order release and order monitoring.

Production program planning determines which services are to be provided in the future. For industrial plants, this means determining the type and quantity of various products in individual periods.

Material requirements planning includes lot size, dates and capacities. These are determined there.

Time and capacity planning is used to determine the deadlines for the individual production steps. Based on the data, the duration and sequence of individual production steps can be determined.

In the order release, the previously roughly scheduled order is fixed and an exact production date can be initiated.

The production progress is continuously controlled by the order monitoring and checks the quality of the products. Data generated as part of job monitoring can also be used for other areas, such as payroll, estimating, and quality control.

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