Process monitoring / [andon]

Process monitoring


Display of current key figures on scoreboard

The software module [andon] visualizes characteristic or process data on a medium of your choice.
The [andon] – or dashboard, a display panel like the one in the image below – can be used to display current key figures of a process. For example, the board can be mounted so that all assembly workers can see it and thus understand how the process works and what it accomplishes.
[andon]-Boards are an instrument of visual management. With our worker management system, the update runs automatically, you do not need any additional resources. It usually only requires company-specific parameterization and can be customized.

Andon Board
Scoreboard [andon]

The Andon board was introduced by Toyota in the 1960s and is a part of the Jidoka principle from the Toyota Production System and the Lean Production or Lean Management philosophy.

Among others, the following process key figures can be visualized:

  • Productivity: The productivity of a process can be measured as the number of units produced (output) per time. Or as the time it takes to make a piece of a product.
  • Quality: Key figures on the quality of the process show whether the manufactured products (output) meet the quality-related specifications. Usually this is done as the number or proportion of non-conforming products at the end of the process (defect rate).
  • Utilization: Utilization indicators show the extent to which available resources and capacities are being used. Utilization is usually represented as a percentage of the maximum available capacity.
  • Capacity or inventory: The available capacity or inventory of material and other resources is shown in relation to the individual production factors (input of the process). Example: available employees, inventory, number of operational machines or vehicles, etc.
  • Safety or disruptions: Process interruptions and their consequences can be displayed and tracked. Examples: defective machines, defective raw material , computer crash. The number of dangerous situations or accidents in the process are visualized interruptions, which also make visible how much the persons concerned and responsible pay attention to safety.
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