aoi kamera computer aided works1

Resolution & lens depending on component size as well as image area to be tested
Resolution up to 64 megapixels per camera (unlimited number of cameras per workstation)

Quality control by means of image processing

Automatic optical inspection [aoi] is one of the most effective and important factors in ensuring quality in the manufacturing industry.

With manual assembly, there is a possibility that components are missing, twisted or mounted offset. It is therefore important to identify and correct these errors before the next step in the process.

In the [aoi] module, each work step is compared to a reference image using image processing. If an assembled component is incorrectly installed, this is detected by the system and the assembly force is notified of the error. If a component is correctly installed, the system switches to the next work step autosynchronously. And that in a fraction of a second.

Test variants available include edge comparison, NCC, color comparison or barcode recognition.

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