Light pointer

Light pointer

lichtzeiger 11

4 x Status LED (Red Green Blue Yellow)
Intervention detector
Piezo loudspeaker for audible false alarm signal
CAN bus connection for communication with the factory management processor

Illuminated material removal boxes

The [pick2light] module extends the operator module with the pick-to-light function (also called p2l, pick-to-light or pick by light). Material removal boxes are expanded with LEDs to illuminate them in up to four different colors. For example, the next required material is illuminated in green. If the wrong material is removed, the storage location is illuminated in red and an acoustic signal is optionally emitted. This ensures error-free and targeted material removal. The digital work instructions are stopped in the process until the correct material has been removed. This process interlock helps the worker in manual assembly to maintain the correct sequence of work steps.

The special feature of this system is the patented autosynchronous process. Here, the worker does not activate the next instruction by pressing a key, but the system recognizes independently when the next digital work instruction must be displayed.

Light pointers are available in 2 different variants:

lichtzeiger V2 icon
Light pointer V2
lichtzeiger V3 icon
Light pointer V3
modul pick to light 2 computer aided works
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